Mosquito Misting System San Antonio

Overview on Mosquito Misting System Enjoying the sun with your family in weekends or having a night party in your lawn is a must need. But mosquitoes can be the mood spoilers. Imagine a party or get-together with lots of bites and itching! Mosquito repellents are not very effective outside. You have to get something [...]

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Do you have a Moth Infestation?

Do you have a Moth Infestation? What happens when moth infestation goes out of control? You can be assured that the results are not that much to look at. You have heard of stories of moths devouring crop fields whole and ruining clothes that you have stored. Now considering that, it is very important that [...]

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MAKING PESTS UNWELCOME You would never hang out a sign saying "Pests Cordially Invited". But some conditions in your residence may offer a great haven for all kinds of pests to flock, not just to hang out but to nest and multiply by the thousands. Some like it hot, some like it cool, most [...]

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Pest Control San Antonio – Wasps

Vespula vulgaris - The common wasp Appearance Wasps are approximately 15 to 25 mm long and have the famous black and yellow stripes. Life cycle All Wasps in the UK follow the same life cycle.Wasps like most insects go through 4 stages of 'development' (complete metamorphosis). egg - larvae - pupae - adult The 'Queen' [...]

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Indoor Pest Control

Indoor Pest Control There are a seemingly endless number of indoor pests we humans have to deal with. Fortunately most of us are only faced with just a few types in our living spaces. Often just one or two species are present in sufficient numbers to be a problem. Generally speaking, the approach to indoor [...]

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Do you have a Termite Infestation

Do you have a Termite Infestation If you have discovered Termites on your property or in your house it's high time to quit playing around and it is necessary or prudent to have your house treated by a professional pest control expert especially if the house is on slabs or if the house has [...]

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Pest Control Canyon Lake – Jenkins Pest and Lawn Servies

Pest Control Canyon Lake Jenkins Pest & Lawn Control is a full-service company that has extensive commercial and residential experience in the Canyon Lake area. Using the latest and most technologically advanced pest elimination methods in the industry, our experienced exterminators are trained in how to identify pest hotspots. Our pest control programs are [...]

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Controlling Squirrels And Other Rodents

Controlling Squirrels And Other Rodents Controlling Squirrels And Other Rodents Have you been wondering how to get rid of squirrels in the attic or mice and rats in out of reach places? Have you noticed gnawed wires, chewed-up items in storage, and weird droppings lying here and there? That definitely sounds [...]

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Deterring Pests In Your Environment

Deterring Pests In Your Environment There are many ways that we actually invite pest into our homes and gardens. These are ways to turn off the welcome sign and keep them away. Some food items such as dog food, flour, cereal and other grains are prone to having pests hatch out of them. These items [...]

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Pest Control San Antonio

One of the most common pests in homes are the beetle, and some officials say people are going to cost 145 million U.S. dollars each year for getting rid of them due to changes in government regulations. According to the Environmental Protection Agency is various ways that people can still rid [...]

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