One of the most common pests in homes are the beetle, and some officials say people are going to cost 145 million U.S. dollars each year for getting rid of them due to changes in government regulations. According to the Environmental Protection Agency is various ways that people can still rid their homes of pests, without increasing costs to all of them and without having a negative impact on the environment. This site teaches you on href = ‘’> .

Vice President of the pest control company, said the election of the past of the EPA to remove a pesticide company in the market just for the majority of the reasons was much more expensive than care homes that have infestations powder post beetles. According to the same Vice-President, the Beetle, which shares some features with termites invaded about 140,000 households in the United States each year. He said the benefit of the chemical age is that they were able to spray the chemical in a house once a year and make sure that there would be no beetles for at least a year. He also stated that the procedure is completely safe and effective but because was prohibited, all they can do is sterilize the house.

Therefore, the occupant must leave his home during the time that is filled by a cloud of chemical gas. Instead of what would normally be paid by regular chemical treatment, usually less than $ 1,000, the owner now can be loaded from anywhere around 1000 dollars until the end up to $ 2,000. The EPA does not see things this way, taking into account that the chemical industry has highlighted several possible alternatives for the older product, to be the most effective and cost about the same. In addition, the spokesman reiterated that the beetle does not pose a structural threat to the house and its damage is purely aesthetic.

The EPA added that claims to be a good replacement for the banned chemical pentachlorophenol call, which they believe will be as good as they have banned substance chemistry. The owner of America, therefore, it is necessary to anticipate much of this increase, if any, the cost of the pesticide. EPA spokesman said the announcement was based on the testimony of the creator of the banned pesticide and pest management association. Whether or not use a temporary suspension of Chemistry permanently ban was apparently the testimony given at hearings of the EPA. To see more Home close services pest control this site.

Many pest control experts are still arguing that millions of dollars he unnecessary be charged to consumers trying to eliminate their homes of these beetles. Some companies have used the same methods to kill pests in more than 30 years, and now fear that many of their older clients will be reluctant to accept the increased cost, change, and the fact that the new method to use, they should leave their home. He believes the EPA has taken a bold decision before all the facts in question. Finally he went on to say that the verdict was a big mistake, but EPA has not reversed its decision and the trial may continue for several more years.