Termite Damage at your Home – Call the Termite Exterminators

Termites are tiny insects who have caused home owners problems for a very long time, which is why termite control and treatments is necessary in every home in Peoria, Az. Termites can eat away at a foundation, affect furniture and generally cause most wooden items to completely loose all their structure and strength. This is why, termite control is a very important aspect of home maintenance and must be given a lot of importance.Termite control san antonio

Termites live in huge nests that they create below the ground and thrive where conditions are damp. These creatures look like ants with wings and are very mobile. They create tunnels underground and bring the mud up to create mounds. Termite colonies can survive for years, especially in areas where there is an abundance of wood. So , while they feed on dead trees, stumps and mulch, they do not discriminate from lumber that is used in building homes and furniture. It is just a source of food for them. They will start with any wood in the foundations, and gradually work their way through floors, furniture and reach up to roofs and attics. They are also quite partial to paper and will attack stacks of books or paper.

It is not possible to keep a home completely free of insects and bugs, but measures can be taken to minimize them and the damage that they cause. During construction it is possible to get pest control companies to treat the foundation and the areas around a home so that termites are controlled. Such protection can last for a long time and reduce the chances of termites getting into a home from outside. All wooden materials used in the construction can be pretreated with certain chemicals that keep away the termites. Care must be taken to extend this treatment to all wooden items, whether they be furniture or framing and supports.

If it is determined that termites have entered a home it is then necessary to call in the experts who can use professional methods for termite control. This will require equipment like drills, pumps and tanks to contain the liquid pesticides that are used for these measures. Holes are drilled at fixed intervals in the area around the home, or even in the floor of the home. These are filled with termiticides and other pesticides. Pressure forces these solutions to form a barrier that in effect seals of the home and its foundation from the surrounding soil from which termites can enter.termite Treatment San Antonio

Our pest control professionals will also put out baits that can help to kill the termites. These baits consist of plastic cylinders filled with material like paper or other material that termites eat. These materials are impregnated with the chemical pesticides and kill the termites when they eat the baited material. These baits are placed below the ground and in the path from termite hills to a home. The chemicals used in such baits is quite often slow acting, as like ants, termites also carry food back to the nest for the others living there. This then acts as poison for the termite hill inhabitants and can devastate entire colonies.

Termite control is best when all these methods are employed. Pre-construction treatment is the best, but even so, an annual inspection can always lead to the necessity for other treatments, especially in areas that have a lot of vegetation.

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