Deterring Pests In Your Environment

There are many ways that we actually invite pest into our homes and gardens. These are ways to turn off the welcome sign and keep them away.
Some food items such as dog food, flour, cereal and other grains are prone to having pests hatch out of them. These items should be stored in airtight containers to stop an infestation as well as to keep mice from getting into them. San Antonio Pest Control

Survival of all living things depends on having water available. Pests are not any different. Even if they don’t live in we areas, they need it close by. Plumbing leaks in and under your home may be attracting pests to you. You should repair any leaks before they can damage your home or attract pests that you will have a hard time getting rid of. The cost to make the repair may be considerably less than the cost to exterminate or fix the damage caused by unwanted pests. Left untreated, pests can destroy your home very quickly.

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While watching for water leaks, also check for holes and openings around your home. Seal up any openings and around cables that are passing into your home. Don’t just stop at the base of the house and garage, but check the attic also to keep mice and squirrels out. Even small holes can let many pests into your home. Even after you close holes up, check them again later to make sure something has not found a way around your repair work.
Since lights at night attract insects and those insects attract other pests that eat them, you should use yellow, bug bulbs or other non-insect attracting lights. Keep all doors tightly closed and make sure mesh screens are in good shape. A hole in a mesh screen on a window or door will allow pests to enter into your home.

Time is critical when dealing with pests. First, you must find entry spots before the pests can and second, you must get to the pests before they can start multiplying inside your home.

Using other organisms to get rid of your pest is biological warfare. Many insects have natural enemies that will take care of the problem for you. Ladybugs, dragonflies and green lacewings love to help with your pest problem of aphids and other pests. They are also enjoyable to observe in the garden and do not harm any of your plants or food. Pest control san antonio

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Use one teaspoon of this solution in one cup of water to spray on the aphids and mites. In all but the worst cases, organic pest control can be used to control the environment in a safe manner. Find more here @