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Did You Know That About Mosquitos

It is a well-known fact that mosquitoes kill more people than sharks every year. To be more specific, mosquitoes kill thousands every year worldwide, and it is a grave issue for all of us who live around these insects, which are so dangerous. We hardly understand how dangerous these insects are to us and often neglect their presence. Only when we fall ill or somebody dies do we realize their threat. Therefore, we all should be ready to fight these insects and ensure that they are kept away from our children and us. To do that, certain steps or measures need to be taken. Most of us try our home remedies, but the most popular of these is the mosquito coils. Here, we shall tell you all you need to know about mosquito coils and their benefits, along with certain tips on making your own mosquito coil to protect yourself and your family!​ Let us find out how we could do this…

What are mosquito coils?

Mosquito coils are nothing but mosquito repellants that are made into a product to be used at home or any other close place. This is usually burnt, and smoke is produced, which helps keep mosquitoes away from us or entering the house. They are usually red or green in color and are made in the shape of a coil that can be placed on a stand. These coils have helped several thousands of people protect themselves from these harmful mosquitoes every year. But there is a downside to everything, and the smoke from these coils has proven to be pretty harmful and cause suffocation!

How to make a mosquito coil?

Mosquito coil ingredients usually include pyrethrum, a powdered material extracted from the chrysanthemum plant; pyrethrin, a chemical insecticide obtained from pyrethrum; allethrin, which is a kind of synthetic pyrethroid; and esbiothrin, which is also a kind of allethrin. These are the usual ingredients used in preparing a mosquito coil. These are put into a mosquito coil-making machine and mixed together to get a mosquito coil used to get rid of mosquitoes very efficiently. These ingredients are poisonous, and so they have harmful effects on humans as well. Find out what these are!

What are the mosquito coil’s harmful effects?

Mosquito coils are the perfect remedy for getting rid of mosquitoes. But they have also been known to have side effects or harmful effects. The mosquito coil side effects usually include suffocation due to the smoke created by the mosquito coil burning. There have been several instances that have led to the start of a fire due to the sparks of the coil. These have been known to kill infants who had touched these and ate with those hands. It is considered a hazardous product, and strict instructions are usually given these days regarding its use! So be responsible and use these coils very carefully! Don’t like coils see this website for mosquito control