Effective Way to Control Mosquito Bites

A complete guide for effective ways to control Mosquito bites…

Mosquitoes have been in existence for more than 400 million years. The tropical climate is a very pleasant climate for the mosquitoes to survive. The female mosquitoes suck blood from your body for their food. The male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar. The female lays hundreds of eggs at a time. After hatching, the mosquito larva can grow to an adult within 10 days.
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Mosquitoes are responsible for various diseases like malaria, dengue etc. If these diseases are not treated properly, they may become fatal. So it becomes essential to prevent these disease carriers from entering your living area. You can control mosquito bites either by restricting the entry of mosquitoes or by killing them.

Stagnant water with moderate summer temperature is favorable for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Containers like used bottles, tins, flower pots, garbage cans that hold stagnant water are loved by mosquitoes. You have to ensure that you don’t have stagnant water around your dwelling.

Outdoor Protection

When you have ponds at your outdoor then surely the stagnant water will become a breeding place for mosquitoes. Also when your house is surrounded by thick bushy and marshy woods you have to find some means to control mosquitoes. You can breed mosquito fish, killifish, goldfish or guppies in your pond as they eat mosquito larvae. Frogs and toads are also enemies for mosquitoes.

Indoor Protection

Mosquitoes are present everywhere. You must protect yourself from them by either blocking them from entering your house or killing them as they enter. Many mosquito control products are available in the market and you can use any one of them for your convenience.

Mosquito Sprays

Various mosquito sprays are available in the market that poisons the air sufficient enough to kill the mosquitoes. When you spray these liquids then you can definitely kill all flying mosquitoes. These sprays obviously pollute the air and hence they are dangerous for us too. They don’t cause death of human beings but are dangerous especially for kids to inhale them.

Mosquito Repellent Ointment and Coils

Mosquito repellent ointments need to be applied to our parts of the body that are uncovered. They are sometimes greasy and not advisable for children. They effectively repel mosquitoes and hence you can escape from their bites. Coils are effective for use in outdoors. Many people use these coils indoor but they don’t kill mosquitoes.mosquito control san antonio

Mosquito Racket Zappers

These rackets are very effective in killing mosquitoes that are flying around you to suck your blood. You have to wave your hands holding these racket zappers and any mosquito that comes in contact with the racket is killed as you press the button to activate the zapper. They use batteries that are rechargeable with some models and replaceable with others.

Electronic Mosquito Killers
These electronic mosquito killers operate in current. They attract the mosquitoes with their ultra violet bulbs and the mosquitoes will be killed as they approach the bulbs surrounded by low voltage grid. They can be used in places that have many mosquitoes.

Mosquito Nets
Mosquito nets are an effective means to protect your small living area. You can cover your bed with hanging nets to prevent mosquitoes from nearing you. These nets are very useful for covering beds where children sleep.

You can also install mosquito nets for your windows and doors to effectively block the entry of mosquitoes. These nets have small holes that are large enough to let the air in and small enough to let the mosquitoes stay out.

Whatever control measures you take you can only control the mosquitoes but you cannot stop their existence. But you must take measures to effectively control mosquitoes in your living area to protect yourself from dangerous diseases.