Indoor Pest Control

There are a seemingly endless number of indoor pests we humans have to deal with. Fortunately most of us are only faced with just a few types in our living spaces. Often just one or two species are present in sufficient numbers to be a problem.Pest control san antonio

Generally speaking, the approach to indoor pest control requires these basic aspects:

. Identifying the pests.
. Eliminating their water and food supply.
. Getting rid of existing pests.
. Preventing more pests from entering the home.

Identify the problem pest. Often this is a simple matter as many are easy to identify. But sometimes it’s necessary to specifically ID a pest even though it may seem familiar to then find how to deal with it (like the meal moth, which requires an approach different from that used for clothing moths). Also, specifically identifying the offending pest allows you to familiarize yourself with its life cycle. This can be an essential part of successfully ridding your home of pests, as adults and immature stages of the same pest may require different approaches.

Eliminate food and water sources by:

. Keeping areas clean, dry and free from clutter.
. Keeping food in closed containers.
. Making sure pests have no access to exposed foods.
. Keeping trash in tightly closed receptacles that are frequently emptied.

Deciding how to get rid of pests already in the home can give one much to consider. Do you want to eliminate every pest you have (as most of us do when we have roaches or rodents), or can you put up with an occasional citing (as with a spider or the solitary ant). What should you use to get rid of them? How strong a chemical are you willing to use. Many of us want to use the least toxic means necessary to control or eliminate our pest problem. Baits and traps, repellents, low-poison-level pesticides and insect growth regulators are ways to do so. All products, whether man-made or natural should be used in strict accordance with any included instructions.New Braunfels, tx  Pest Control

There are a number of ways to prevent pests from entering the home.

. Close gaps around plumbing fixtures to deny pests entry.
. Also, seal fixtures to prevent water from accumulating in the house.
. Caulk crevices and holes throughout the house where pests can enter.
. Seal grout lines in tile.
. Check items for pests before bringing them into your house.
. Make sure all outside doors are well sealed. If light or a draft can come through than so can pests. Put open pet food away at night.

Indoor pest control often requires a multi-faceted, integrated approach to achieve long-term success (outdoor pest control as well). One facet may not be enough. Using a pesticide may temporarily kill existing pests but may not prevent more from coming. But with a determined and comprehensive approach, most pest problems can eventually be controlled.
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