Let’s get rid of them Fleas

People tend to take fleas lightly. Well, practically speaking, they are light, really light. But referring to the danger they hail and the damage they can cause, you should never take fleas lightly and there are numerous hardcore reasons for that. Even fleas exterminator employees protect themselves fully when they confront fleas and when they set off to exterminate them. Living with fleas in your house has many, many serious disadvantages especially to your pets and your little ones. You should also check for fleas in your neighbor’s homes as fleas are not shy to migrate. The staff at our office is highly trained at what they do and takes all precautions before engaging in battle with these pests.flea control in san antonio

Fleas mainly suck on blood from any living organisms they can find and they cause irritation and itching in that very organism. There are many illnesses and short term wounds. Here are some of those damages that fleas cause to the living organisms around them.

• Fleas are major transmitters of bubonic plague which killed over 25 million people in the 14th century.

• Fleas play host to tapeworms and if they accidentally enter our mouth while playing with an infested pet or even inhaling air while close to a rug or carpet, they will travel all the way down to our stomach and consequently, we will be infected with tapeworms and would have to seek medication. The only way to prevent that from happening is for you to call in pests exterminator flea services whenever you see fleas in your home.

• As fleas suck on blood, they tend to cause rashes, which are dangerously painful, on the skins of hypersensitive humans and animals.

• Fleas live for about 100 days and lay 50 eggs per day and on average, they give birth to 450-500 fleas in their lifetime, and those are the ones that live. That is a pretty dangerous number and can cause serious health problems in your household.

• Fleas tend to lay eggs wherever they find darkness and warmth and those places can be found in 30% of your homes and the more the eggs, the more the health issues.

Those were some of the main damages that fleas can cause in your house. This is also a reason to worry and this is also a reason to call a flea extermination San Antonio firm that offers the services of exterminating fleas at feasible prices and with full customer satisfaction. In other words, you should call us- Exterminator San Antonio for taking care of all your pests control fleas needs. pest control san antonio

The staff at our office is the best in the world at what they do and will provide you the best services you will be able to find in San Antonio. San Antonio is known around the world to provide the best and when it comes to pests and flea extermination, Exterminator San Antonio is the best. Here at Exterminator San Antonio, you will find us and our staff always working with you and for your satisfaction. And that is the reason you should never forget our name when you see fleas in your household. Remember, if fleas infest, we neutralize.

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