Pest Control Maintenance Services
Why does my home need regular maintenance pest control service? Here are a few reasons why we, feel that regularly scheduled maintenance insect control service is necessary.

The first reason we deem regular service as necessary is that, even under perfect conditions, pest control products typically have a residual strength of 60-70 days. However, during the midst of Texas summer heat, the residual can be weakened further. After the residual strength is gone, your home is vulnerable to insect invasion and/or infestation. Also an infestation may cause arachnids to follow (spiders and scorpions to name a few), can cause frustration, and a possible health hazard for the homeowner. If an infestation does occur, a more invasive and time-consuming methods and products are necessary.

A second reason regular maintenance is necessary is a thorough inspection is performed by trained technicians every time we are at your home. Our technicians look for conducive conditions (problem areas that insects desire and are attracted to). Some of these conditions that your home is inspected for are: standing water, leaking water outlets (the number one condition termites are attracted to), vegetation against the structure, soil level that is too high against the foundation, lawns that are unkempt, leaves and vegetation that need to be raked and removed, uncovered garbage cans, pet food left out, pet food spillage, openings around pipes or windows, areas that need proper ventilation, gutters that need to be cleaned, and many more.

The final reason regular insect control maintenance is necessary is that we implement Integrated Pest Control Management procedures customized individually for each client. Because not all insect problems are the same from home to home, we inspect each home and formulate an insect control plan designed specifically for our clients. Our service involves much more than simply granulating, spraying, and collecting payment.

Our Pest Control Maintenance Service consists of:

Interviewing our clients in order to find out if there are any specific insect issues.
If there are specific issues, we inspect the problem areas and formulate a plan which involves products and procedures designed to eliminate the issue.
After taking care of the client’s specific issues, we then treat the interior or exterior first depending on whichever area the client desires to be completed first.
On the Interior:

We lightly mist with specially designed interior products along the baseboards, window sills, and corners. Also at any wet areas to include under kitchen sink and bathrooms.
We also treat the garage area as it is usually a major entry point for insects.
We also place glue board monitors at garage door entries.
On the Exterior:

We inspect for toys, dog or cat bowls, and other foreign objects and move them to an area that our products will not come in contact with.
We inspect for conducive conditions, ant mounds, wasps nests, and other specific problem areas.
We then treat those areas.
We use or Webster to knock down wasp nests and cob webs.
We treat ant mounds individually.
We granulate against the slab, in and around plant beds, around playscapes, and shrub areas.
We use a liquid exterior product and project it 15’ from the base of the slab and 3-5’ up the home, around windows, doors, and eaves.

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