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Our Termite Control Program:

Examine Foundation looking for cracks, mud tubes, soil grades, and conducive conditions.
Check the soil.
Check roof eaves and gutters for leakage and eventful wood rot.
Look for earth-to-wood contact.
Look in the exterior electrical meter or fuse box.
Inspect foreign wood materials.
Look for water-damaged areas.
Look for crack.
Check floor coverings.
Examine plumbing areas



Post-Construction Treatment:

Termiticides are applied to all soil areas along with the slabs, pier, and beams.
Foam treatment may be necessary for void areas in walls, around fireplaces, under slabs or in soil-filled porches.
Plumbing voids should also be treated with liquid or foam termiticide products.
Baiting treatments may also be used in conjunction or as an alternative to soil-applied termiticide. This system takes advantage of termite food-sharing behaviors.
Pre- Construction Treatment:

Treating the soil with termiticides can protect a structure for years.
Termiticides are applied to the soil before the slab is poured.
Termiticides are also applied to plumbing penetrations.
Our Guarantee:
With every termite treatment applied by our techs, a guarantee is attached.

The structure treated is guaranteed to be termite-free for one year or we will treat it again at no charge.
This warranty is renewable every year for as long as you own the structure at a nominal fee.