The best way to manage pests is to not have them in the first place.

As discussed in a previous article, keeping a clean house is the first, best defense against a pest infestation. In this article, we’re going to take prevention one step further with a focus on the most common household pests: ants, cockroaches, and pantry pests (beetles and weevils). More info here @
Pests first enter your home foraging for food and water. If pests find generous supplies of food and water, as well as harborage (places they can call home and use for breeding), what starts out as a few foragers can turn into a full-fledged infestation. Limit or eliminate he food, water, and harborage, and you will have few successful foragers, making an infestation is incredibly unlikely.
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Plenty of places for cockroaches to stay well hidden

To limit the number if successful foragers, first to limit the number of foragers in general. Seal up entries through windows and doors by making sure they close properly. Caulk if necessary to get a tighter seal. Also look for other areas of potential entry like plumbing, cable, or telephone lines and make sure they enter the house through an airtight seal. Caulk if necessary. These steps can help reduce the total number of foragers entering your home. Next we want to make sure those that still find entry into your home fail to be successful.

When pests are successful in finding food or water in you home, they will invite more to join them. Or even worse, start breeding right in your home. That’s why it’s vital your home not be attractive to pests that do find their way in.

I can’t say it enough times. Keep your home clean. If nothing else, make sure you do the dishes every night and take out the kitchen garbage every night.

Other things to help reduce successful foragers are the following. Eliminate drips, condensation, or standing water. Poorly maintained plumbing can become a water source for pests. Don’t overlook pet water bowls – your dog doesn’t need to drink water while he’s sleeping at night.

Keep dry goods, cereals, flour, and sugar in air-tight containers. These products, typically kept in a closed dark cabinet, are a favorite food source for all types of pests. Also, pet food should not be kept out or in an open bag. Store pet food in a sealable container, and don’t leave uneaten pet food standing in the bowl overnight.

A special note about cardboard boxes. There are those who save cardboard boxes for moving, storage, potential future storage needs, etc. Cardboard boxes are a favorite harborage for cockroaches. It’s advisable to discard any unneeded cardboard boxes rather than store them for extended periods of time.

Seal your house, then eliminate food, water, and harborage. Follow these tips, and you’ll greatly reduce the need for chemical pest control, plus make chemical pest control all the more effective when you do turn to it. Check out our main site here @

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